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16/12/2019: What's the snow on your building harbouring ready for the spring?

Christmas is coming and with it the inevitable newspaper stories about the hardest winter in eversomany years… Like you, I will believe it when I see it.

However, what is fairly certain is that most parts of Britain, Gloucestershire included will experience some snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. This coating of frozen water can trap and harbour biological contamination such as moss, algae and bacterial growth, almost unseen. It remains there until the extreme weather passes, when it is ready to start full growth again.

Who knows? The growth may have even been given a stronger hold by the ice expanding to open up tiny fissures. All the better to key onto the stone or brick surface beneath.

If you are suffering with moss or algae on your building, be it a public showpiece or a modest family home, you may be able to save yourself trouble further along by giving a thorough clean before the really bad weather sets in. Using our superheated steam systems not only removes the current growth but helps to sterilise the surface to prevent re-growth for longer. Call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send an email and outline any concerns. We are always happy to advise and offer a free, no obligation quote for removal of any of the contaminants that plague buildings.

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